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Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Wondering if there is a dotLRn add-on anyone has out there which could be a shared repository of documents which can be categorized etc... like a library? It's something we're missing badly and all new faculty coming on board immediately are enquiring about our library. everything we currently store is in the file-storage of each community. Which is ok I guess but some things may be applicable cross-module.


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Posted by Nick Carroll on
Have you looked at LORS? LORS is a repository for learning objects. It also implements an IMS specification for a learning object repository. It may just be what you are after.
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Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Is LORS an alternative to say using the curriculum module of dotLRN? It isn't really too clear which packages can be combined together to produce the structured learning effect. We currently don't have a setup we are happy with and really need to pull the modules of our dotLRN together a little better.

Perhaps other dotLRN users could indicate which combination of packages they use for a typical taught module. Talking structured tasks, which can be monitored and possibly graded here more than just what you would think of as study support.


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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Hi Matthew,

When we have done this in the past we have usually used file-storage plus categorization.

We did this implemntation a few years ago. We hope to update it soon. -

For another project, with more custom requirements around permissions and authoring, we wrote a package that used the content repository directly rather then working through File-Storage.

We may look at using XOWiki for the next version of the Harvard site's library. Gustof mentioned storing files directly in XOWiki and that would let you combine a resource repository of user created web pages with documents.

LORS is usefull for sequencing the resources into a curriculum. Carl is planning on using Wiki pages as a central collaborative resource for one of his sites. Some people in the community are students and they will be taking online training courses that will use some of the wiki pages. Thus, for that project we enhances LORS to allow wiki pages to be added to a LORS courses as a Learning Object.

I don't think you want to use LORS as the central storage area. Its more usefull as a way of presenting the material in a sequenced way within a course.