Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: configure general-comments and administration

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
Hi, thanks for the clue dave. I'm still unable to administer the comments in the blog. It appears to be calling comment-add from the blog instance, ie,


Although, when I click on add comments, I expect to get a form, but I get this error:


We are sorry. The URL /comment-add is in unrecognized format.

So I don't know how the link-spammers are getting around this bug. general-comments is not mounted in /blogger/.

Does this look like the the trackback feature? When I turn off trackback, nothing happens. How do I delete or administer this feature?

The three things I'm able to configure:

[i] Enable auto-discovery and sending of trackback pings
[i] Enable incoming trackback

I set them all to 0 and the comments feature still seams turned on. I set NumberOfCommentsInIncludelet to 0 and the comments are still there, beneeth each blog entry and in the sidebar navigation.

Am I missing something in the admin or am I going to have to go to /packages/blogger with emacs and start ripping out pieces of code :-P

FYI, here's the blog: