Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: configure general-comments and administration

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
The issue is resolved. Indeed Dave was right and there was something wrong with the way the system was installed.

This was strange. general-comments was appearing as an "unmounted singleton" and not in the site map. It was also not appearing in the pulldown where you mount applications on the site-map. I know I never mounted it because the site in question had no need. A real puzzle.

After posting this yesterday, had a HD failure and when they restored, the unwanted link-spam was still there, however, general-comments wasn't in the "unmounted singleton" area but it was appearing in the pulldown.

I was able to mount the application and configure it to require approval, as I would have expected, and then go to /general-comments/ and reject all the link spam.

At this point, I'm unsure what fixed the issue. Probably the reboot. Maybe it was the restore.