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11: Re: new post-it package (response to 1)
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Hi Raul,

This is a great idea. I hope you are able to reuse some of the work Solution Grove did on the messaging package. You are working in oracle correct? Our package worked in postgres and was delivered via the dotFolio framework, which basically gives you one subsite per user.

My request is to please don't call the package "post-it". I think "post-it" refers more to little yellow "stickies". There are a number of web services that let you post stickies on pages (google "Stickies"). This would also be an interesting feature to add to OpenACS but its a completely different one.

12: Re: new post-it package (response to 11)
Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
How about calling it alerts or intercom or something communal like that?

I see it mostly being used to send brief messages to other online users, for chat invites, or to direct a user to a forum post for example.

13: IM package (response to 11)
Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Hi Caroline,

How can I take a look at SG's messaging package? What kind of features does it have? I'd like to offer Instant Messaging to online and offline users, via a good UI. Anyone have any ideas how to achieve this?