Forum OpenACS Development: Permission of created folders for Naviserver


I have recently migrated my installations on latest Naviserver (OpenACS release unchanged)

When I create folders by ns_* or file api, seems like they are now created without the execute permission by default.

This prevents me from entering such folders even if they are owned by the server user.

Is there some configuration to look at for this?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
naviserver does nothing with permissions. I've checked to sites, and everything looks fine
file mkdir /tmp/testdir
exec ls -ld /tmp/testdir
drwxr-xr-x 2 openacs www-data 4096 Aug 11 12:52 /tmp/testdir

Maybe the umask under which your server is run is incorrect. Check with:

exec bash -c umask
(should be per default 0022).
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
I forgot to mention before that I had also moved from Debian squeeze to wheezy, I have found what it was: Debian default policy for daemon's umask became somewhat stricter.

I start my instances by an init script calling start-stop-daemon. Previously, umask was correct without specifying it explicitly, now I need to use -k 0022 on invocation.

Thanks a lot!