Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Permission of created folders for Naviserver

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
naviserver does nothing with permissions. I've checked to sites, and everything looks fine
file mkdir /tmp/testdir
exec ls -ld /tmp/testdir
drwxr-xr-x 2 openacs www-data 4096 Aug 11 12:52 /tmp/testdir

Maybe the umask under which your server is run is incorrect. Check with:

exec bash -c umask
(should be per default 0022).
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
I forgot to mention before that I had also moved from Debian squeeze to wheezy, I have found what it was: Debian default policy for daemon's umask became somewhat stricter.

I start my instances by an init script calling start-stop-daemon. Previously, umask was correct without specifying it explicitly, now I need to use -k 0022 on invocation.

Thanks a lot!