Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: 4.63 --> 5.2 upgrade. Login yet not loged in

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
UPDATE: I think the logged_in_yet_not_logged_in problem occurs because I'm using one browser and I'm logged in on so gets confused. Also, I realized that the only reason I can see the /register/ page at all is because of the following code in a file (myserver)/tcl/zz-hack.tcl

rename _ original_
proc _ {{key {}} {vars {}}} {
if {[string is space $key]} {
return NULL_KEY
return [uplevel [list original_ $key $vars]]

Otherwise, I get a locale error. I got that code from the thread I linked to in the original post in this thread.

So, it seams, my new server :8001 is not seeing me as a user at all.

It seams like more then one person has had trouble logging in after upgrading to 5.x from 4.6.3. I'll keep digging for answers...any thoughts appreciated.