Forum OpenACS Q&A: 4.63 --> 5.2 upgrade. Login yet not loged in

I've been upgrading my personal site from 4.6.1, pg 7.2, aol 3.31+ad13. I have it running fairly fine on now on 4.6.3, PG 7.3 and AOL4.0 at

Now I'm making that step to 5.2. I've had a few issues and I've been reading in forum posts like these where others have had similar issues logging into their 5.0 upgrade attempts in the past and I've been able to make progress.

However, I've run into a strange issue that I'm unsure how to articulate in a search.

I've been following these docs for upgrading 4.6.3 --> 5.1.x and I ran into issues at step 8 (8. If you can login, visit /acs-admin/apm and upgrade acs-kernel and acs-service-contract and uncheck the data model scripts. Restart. If everything is still working, make another backup of the database.) At this point, on my 5.2 installation I've finally been able to log (i think) but I've been unable to visit the acs-admin/apm to upgrade stuff.

Here's what's happening:

* I go to the /register/ page
* I type in my email address and password
* It returns to the login page and says "unknown username"
* HOWEVER, at the top bar it says "Welcome Eric Wolfram" (if that email address was really unknown -- how would it associate my email address with the correct username?)
* The top bar says "1 member online"
* The buttons for "My Account", "Control Panel" and "logout" appear.

I would expect from everything except the "unknown username" message that I was logged in, however, whenever I try to go to the /acs-admin/apm page, I get thrown back to the login page with the "login has expired message". The same thing happens when I try to navigate to "control panel" or "my account"

Evidently, the language module doesn't really know what language to look for as the login has expired message is actually:

TRANSLATION MISSING (?acs-subsite.lt_Your_login_has_expire)

The site is here:

So I wonder if anyone reading this post remembers anyone else with this sort of issue or if it rings a bell or can point me in the right directions? Thanks.

Eric Wolfram

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
UPDATE: I think the logged_in_yet_not_logged_in problem occurs because I'm using one browser and I'm logged in on so gets confused. Also, I realized that the only reason I can see the /register/ page at all is because of the following code in a file (myserver)/tcl/zz-hack.tcl

rename _ original_
proc _ {{key {}} {vars {}}} {
if {[string is space $key]} {
return NULL_KEY
return [uplevel [list original_ $key $vars]]

Otherwise, I get a locale error. I got that code from the thread I linked to in the original post in this thread.

So, it seams, my new server :8001 is not seeing me as a user at all.

It seams like more then one person has had trouble logging in after upgrading to 5.x from 4.6.3. I'll keep digging for answers...any thoughts appreciated.

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Eric, seems like you're experiencing cookie conflicts.

try setting your servername to and set the force host parameter (in the kernel or acs-subsite) to 1.

For cookies, and are two separate domains, whereas and are the same.