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8: Re: .LRN Governance (response to 1)
Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
The document was ratified unanimously by the board on Friday. I have put up a document in the wiki with the nominations as they stand now.

I have asked the board and herby ask the community to post additional nominations in this thread or on the wiki.

The leadership team will be a working group (e.g. weekly meetings with decisions and action items) and the nominations are based on people that have been getting things done in recent past and present (e.g. showing up to the recent meetings, getting other people involved, contributing to the recent release, generally contributing to our success, etc).

Target is to have a functioning team mid week at the latest. I am contacting the nominees tonight by email to make sure they accept nomination before the board makes a final decision.

We are making progress.

As soon as we have a team we will start the invoicing procedure (with the help of the team) so that we can have enough consortium members to vote on the board.

9: Re: .LRN Governance (response to 8)
Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Carl, thanks for leading this.
10: Re: .LRN Governance (response to 9)
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
According to the schedule we should be doing nominations this week.

Any ideas on how to collect nominations? Shall we just open a new thread for now. I think anyone can nominate, but only representatives from dotLRN Consortium members can run/be elected.


11: Re: .LRN Governance (response to 10)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Who are representatives from the .LRN Consortium. I know I filled in some paper at one point in time way back, but so far was not invoiced for membership, so what is the deal here ?