Forum OpenACS Development: Additional Issues with OpenACS 5.9

Posted by Frank Bergmann on

I'm going to add other issues found during ]po[ / OpenACS 5.9 integration in this thread, I hope this is OK. I'm not sure if these issues are bugs, extensions or "training issues" (things I didn't get...).

There are a number of variables ($prev_url, $user_id, $error_file, $error_url) that don't seem to be available in our installation. Maybe I just don't get the new mechanism.

However, in ]po[ we use our own custom page-error page which includes a "Report this error" functionality that posts a bug including stack-trace and package versions directly into our "intranet-helpdesk" ticket tracker.

=> Would it be possible to add a parameter to OpenACS that defines the page-error location, so that we can have our own page and don't need to customize OpenACS?

Here is the error message:

can't read "prev_url": no such variable
while executing
"set return_url $prev_url"
("uplevel" body line 19)
invoked from within
"uplevel {
# /packages/acs-tcl/lib/page-error.tcl