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3: Re: Help with xowiki (response to 2)
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Thanks Gustaf, I remembered something like that, but this time I am resolute in figuring it out!

...I think I have stumbled in a leftover tree_sortkey. Here is what happens:
- create a Form
- try to fill it out, creating a FormPage instance
- delete created instance

Problem comes from acs_object::get proc. In xql file
there is still tree_sortkey in the query.

I will go that direction and maybe poke you some more later 😊

4: Re: Help with xowiki (response to 3)
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
actually, tree_sortkey was fixed in 5-9, but not in main, as stated in cvs browser
5: Re: Help with xowiki (response to 4)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Antonio,

i am not sure, what you are referring to. Do you mean the tree_sortkey from acs_objects, which was removed by part 4 of the OpenACS 5.9 agenda [1]? Maybe some confusion happens due to fishey, which makes an entry to the HEAD branch for every file added to in a non-HEAD branch (e.g. upgrade scripts).

Currently, all new development is happening in the oacs-5-9 branch (see as well agenda). Once, development in oacs-5-9 is finished, development will continue in the HEAD branch.



6: Re: Help with xowiki (response to 5)
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Yes, I run on a fresh OpenACS and probably I took code from HEAD. In 5-9 I saw it was fixed, sorry.

I was capable of adding my date attribute to the form, great! Now I would need to build some UI for my FormPage instances. For now I could stick with typical operations like list of objects, searchable by their attribute and CRUD operations.

CRUD is not a problem, but for listing I could use some advice. What is the recommended way to search a xowiki object by some user-defined attribute? I am trying to obtain the typical list with a form of filters aside (for now).