Forum OpenACS Development: Openacs (and naviserver) package(s) for Arch Linux

Dear Community,

I've created aur packages for Arch Linux for OpenACS and its dependencies based on and from here:

You can have a look at the packages here:

PKGBUILD files are building and packaging instructions in shell script syntax for creating a single binary package from source which can be installed on your system by the package manager.
{naviserver, openacs}.install files are executed when the package is installed
{naviserver, openacs}.service are systemd services

After I commit them to the arch user repository ( ), installing OpenACS on any machine running Arch Linux should be a matter of issuing a single command to the package manager.

Known issues and limitations:
-(tcl)libthread is not included since it is not packaged yet for Arch
-I create the directory structure of naviserver manually, because make install starts spamming the fakeroot environment with error messages and the resulting directory structure is not very FHS compliant. The errors seem to be related to naviserver using the install-sh script which seems to issue commands that are not allowed inside a fakeroot environment.

-I tried to follow the FHS standard, but still most files end up in /usr/lib/naviserver and /usr/lib/openacs respectively. It is hard to discern which files fit better into /var/www and which don't. So I am not splitting them. This seems to be the way the debian package handles it.

Your comments and feedback are appreciated.


Posted by Markus Moser on
Openacs is now available on Arch AUR.

Could someone please update the
Packaged installations

Provided aur is set up correctly, Arch users can type:
#yaourt -S openacs
should suffice to install everything, dependencies included.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Are you aware of the fact, that "Packaged installations" is a wiki page?
Posted by Markus Moser on
I've updated the wiki page.

tclthread is now also included as dependency:

Posted by Markus Moser on
PKGBUILDS have been updated to naviserver 4.99.15 and nsf 2.1.0 .