Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Error upgrading OpenACS 5.7 to OpenACS 5.9

Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Hi Gustaf,

I - more or less - understand your explanations. However, we'll need a "solution" suitable for our sometimes not very technologically sophisticated users. We'll somehow need to make sure that users can go through the upgrade procedure without "seeing" error messages. We've got some 6.000 productive installations to deal with...

What are the options?

- The easiest way is probably to "fork" and modify the OpenACS upgrade scripts in order to catch the special cases.
- Maybe we could "clean up" stuff before actually running the upgrade scripts, for example in the case of AMS?
- Anything else?

Would it be possibility to consider a ]project-open[ installation in the future when developing the upgrade scripts?


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Do you need AMS? It seemed to me, that you did not need ref-itu which also caused problems.

In case PO needs AMS, a person is required that is sufficiently familiar with AMS to fix it (i.e. to provide an upgrade script like the one i did for etp, maybe this could be as well just a one-liner). The upgrade script (with a bump in the AMS version number) should go into the CVS repository. Then an upgrade to the latest version version of all packages in an OpenACS 5.8 installation will fix this problem. After this the upgrade to OpenACS 5.9 will go smooth.

Posted by Frank Bergmann on

Nope, we don't need AMS at all.
AMS used to be the base of "DynField", which is the ]po[ SQL metadata system.

I have no idea why there are still AMS elements in the system. I'll check. That's something we can clean up before the actual upgrade starts.