Forum OpenACS Development: Re: OpenACS 5.9.0: journal_article and Edit This Page

Posted by Frank Bergmann on

I have no idea how the file-storage installation in ]po[ had the view "file_storage_objectx" as "table_name". It's perfectly possible that we have missed some upgrade scripts. However, the package actually works.

Anyway, this seems to be the last data-type with content-repository upgrade issues. We will now uninstall file-storage completely and reinstall. This process is a bit ugly, because file-storage is used by the packages xowiki and attachments, but I hope it will work out...

Thanks for the help!

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
If someone else sees the problem above when upgrading old sites via acs-kernel/upgrade-5.9.0d4-5.9.0d5.sql, please run first the following SQL command in psql:
update acs_object_types set table_name = NULL, id_column = NULL where object_type = 'file_storage_object';