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In the past we could use a very simple mechanism to check for serious errors in a server:

tail -f error.log | grep -i 'Error:'

NavisServer has changed the style of debug messages, compared to AOLserver, and this technique doesn't work any longer.

=> Has somebody a different proposal? Are the hidden switches I didn't see yet?

Another change in error reporting is that SQL statements are now only shown once with non-instantiated colon variables. In the past we frequently used the _instantiated_ log to just "replay" the SQL for debugging. That's not possible anymore now, and it's quite a bit of work to determine the actual values that were sent to the DB.

I don't think that showing a SQL twice was very elegant.

=> Is there a way to show the instantiation of colon variables?


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
no, naviserver has not changed the style of error messages.
fgrep Error: ../log/error.log
works perfectly. can you be more specific?