Forum OpenACS Development: OpenACS 5.9.0 with PostgresSQL 9.5.0

To whom it my concern: i've upgraded my local postgres installation of OpenACS 5.9.0 from PostgreSQL 9.4 to to PostgreSQL 9.5.0, which was released a few days ago, based on the default configuration from mac ports. Everything went smooth. Just dump/restore of OpenACS was sufficient:

# Dump all databases from pg 9.4
sudo -u postgres $PGBIN/pg_dumpall > db.out
Then stop pg 9.4, start pg 9.5, then reload the dump:
# Restore all databases and roles from dump into pg 9.5
sudo -u postgres $PGBIN//psql -f db.out postgres
voilà, start OpenACS, and everything works fine.
Posted by Cesareo Garci­a Rodicio on
I've upgraded too and everything seems to be fine :-) Easy and quick (medium traffic server)

(Using OpenACS 5.8.1d2 and installing postgresSQL from source with Naviserver 4.99.9)

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The same upgrade procedure works flawlessly with PostgreSQL 9.6beta1 (using the the stock version of pg of Mac Ports, installed with "port install postgresql96-server").
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Note, that the above statement is not an advertising to run beta-releases from PostgreSQL for the casual user. Since there is no binary compatibility even between minor beta releases, the whole db cluster has to be newly initialized and restored on all version updates during the beta phase.