Forum OpenACS Q&A: invalid command name "portal::get_page_header_stuff"

Hello dear all.

I have been upgrading dotlrn 2.3.1 to dotlrn 2.5.1.
All is well, except for the next error: (When i logged in my course i saw that error in my Home space.)

invalid command name "portal::get_page_header_stuff"
while executing
"portal::get_page_header_stuff -portal_id $portal_id -page_num $page_num"
("uplevel" body line 149)
invoked from within
"uplevel {
# $Id: lrn-master.tcl,v 2007/06/21 19:42:26 emmar Exp $

set user_id [ad_get_user_id]
set untrusted_user_id [ad_conn untrusted_use..."
(procedure "code::tcl::/var/lib/aolserver/pruebas/dotlrn-prueba2/package..." line 2)
invoked from within
("uplevel" body line 12)
invoked from within
"uplevel {

if { [file exists $__adp_stub.tcl] } {

# ensure that data source preparation procedure exists and is up-to-date
adp_init t..."
(procedure "adp_prepare" line 2)
invoked from within
invoked from within
"template::adp_parse $__adp_master [concat [list __adp_slave $__adp_output] [array get __adp_properties]]"
invoked from within
"template::adp_parse [file root [ad_conn file]] {}"
(procedure "adp_parse_ad_conn_file" line 6)
invoked from within
("uplevel" body line 2)
invoked from within
"uplevel $code"
invoked from within
"ad_try {
} ad_script_abort val {
# do nothing
invoked from within
"rp_serve_concrete_file [ad_conn file]"
(procedure "rp_serve_abstract_file" line 60)
invoked from within
"rp_serve_abstract_file "$root/[ad_conn extra_url]""
("uplevel" body line 2)
invoked from within
"uplevel $code"
invoked from within
"ad_try {
rp_serve_abstract_file "$root/[ad_conn extra_url]"
set tcl_url2file([ad_conn url]) [ad_conn file]
set tcl..."

Who can help me ?

All the best to you.

The message means that in your installation the command name "portal::get_page_header_stuff" is not defined. By finding out via googling, it seems that emma has removed this command about 9 years ago (on 18 Dec 2007, [1]) from the lrn-master templating code.

It looks to me as if you have in your installation a version of theme-zen/lib/lrn-master.tcl before Dec 2007 and a version of the portal code after that. Something in your installation and/or upgrade process went wrong.

Tell us more about your installation
- do you have a tar-based or a cvs based installation?
- do you have local modifications in the code?

If you have a tar-based installation, and no/ or ittle local modifications, i would recommend to:
- backup the program dir (/var/lib/aolserver/pruebas/dotlrn-prueba2) and database
- get the tar of dotlrn 2.5.1 and place its content under e.g.
(/var/lib/aolserver/pruebas/dotlrn-prueba3) and adapt the startup file of aolserver to point to that (serverroot)
- when your restart the system with that, you will have to go acs-admin/apm and run the upgrade scripts from there.

hope this helps.


You are right dear Gustaf. I think the error was produced because I did not upgrade the zen theme. I have been upgrading all packages except that one.

The upgrade was done through tar files.

The modifcations done were basic.

Thank you very much for your valuable help.

I'll tell you how everything went.