Forum OpenACS Development: Re: NaviServer 4.99: Issues with "rename"?

Posted by Frank Bergmann on

reduces ... maintenance costs

That's a perfect business case :-) Well, the point in ]po[ is that most "execs" are used in administrator functions like periodic integration with external system etc. To my knowledge there is no exec in operational procedures, except for the GrahpWiz "dot" calls in the acs-workflow package. This may be the reason why we didn't have any issues under high load etc. so far.

Concerning Maurizio's post:
I'm aware that there may be incompatibilities in the arguments of an exec command, and not only in the path to the binary. However, all CygWin binaries use the Linux "/" forward slash notation that is also accepted in TCL. So that is why we're on pretty save ground if we keep everything to the Linux standard.


I haven't tested yet (easter holidays...), but I'm quite confident that I can fix our current issues with the knowledge about this new proxy::exec. I understand the arguments given by Gustaf in favor, and I believe this is great work. It might even be worth the pain to change the respective ]po[ code. I'll check and may come back here on the forum.

Thanks a lot for the great work!