Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: .LRN Board Nominations

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Dr. Carl Robert Blesius - Accepted
Jesus G. Boticario (UNED) - Accepted
Rocael Hernandez - Accepted
Malte Sussdorff - Accepted
Caroline Meeks - Accepted
Carlos Delgado -
Cesar Brea - Accepted
Gustaf Neumann

Cesar accepted conditional on the organization being able to meet the bookkeeping and legal filing obligations to remain a nonprofit in good standing. The reason is that board members can be liable if the organization is not in compliance with such laws. So I guess if you don't think that is important, don't vote for Cesar.

We have 8 candidates, 6 have accepted. I suspect Gustaf will also, has anyone talked to Carlos?

I don't think invoices have gone out yet.

This is not the best situation to hold an election under but I with only 1 of the current board members interested in serving going forward I think our best bet is to get a new board in place ASAP, not wait for the current (mostly nonexistent) board to achieve something.

Joel has agreed to count ballots. I asked him as a known, uninterested party.

The plan calls for the people with the most votes to serve 3 years, the next 2, and the next 1. However, at this point I am concerned that not all organizations have been given the information they need to make an informed decision about whether they want to join the consortium and vote. I see this board as likely to significantly redefine the organization, I hope in a way that makes it attractive to a much larger audience and encourages far wider participation.

To that end, my suggestion at this crossroads is that the results of this election be valid for 1 year only and that we move towards 3 year terms after the next election in which there will hopefully be much broader participation.


Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
I agree, lets do 1 year.