Forum .LRN Q&A: Voting for .LRN Consortium Board

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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Please vote for 7 of the following 8 people

Jesus G. Boticario (UNED)
Rocael Hernandez
Malte Sussdorff
Caroline Meeks
Carlos Delgado
Cesar Brea
Gustaf Neumann
Carl Robert Blesius

Who may vote?

One representative from each dotLRN Consortium member organization.

In practice basically no one has gotten an invoice yet thus there are no official members. Thus if you cast a vote it is a statement that you intend to become a consortium member. Note that the minimum member contribution is $250.

Should you join the Consortium?

It is very likely that this board will significantly change the scope of the Consortium. I can only speak for myself, but I believe the Consortium must provide value to its members. Thus who joins will be an important factor in determining the scope and mission of the Consortium.

How do you vote?

Send an email to with the 7 names you want to vote for and your organization's name.

More details here:

Voting ends next Monday.

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Please include your contact information in the email you send to Joel as you want it to appear on the invoice for consortium membership.
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Don't forget to vote!

Today is the last day to vote.