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Posted by Alex Kroman on
Can someone give me an idea on how to get new-portal working? I installed new-portal and the calendar-portlet. Whenever I go to the new-portal admin page it says "You have not configured any portals". After I figure this out I'll add a writeup to the wiki.
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Posted by Alex Kroman on
Ok, so it looks like I can create a portal by calling the "portal::create" proc. This module has unmentioned dependencies on dotLRN so I get a lot of errors when I try to poke around in it.

What I'm trying to do is create "My Yahoo" for our Intranet site. To achieve this it looks like I could create a "my-intranet" package with a dependency on new-portal. The my-intranet package would handle automatically creating a portal for a user when they hit the page and maintain the relationships between portals and users. I would also then copy the tools used to manage the portlets from the dotlrn package.

Does this sound right?

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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Are you using dotLRN?

If you aren't using dotLRN there may be better solutions then new-portal. For instance Don's portal or an XOWiki portal like solution which you can see on

If you are using dotLRN then you do want to use new-portal.