Forum OpenACS Development: acs_sc_impl_alias__new vs acs_sc_impl.new_alias

The PG version has 2 functions, acs_sc_impl_alias__new and
acs_sc_impl_alias__delete, while the oracle version has these
functions in the acs_sc_impl package as acs_sc_impl.new_alias and
acs_sc_impl.delete_alias. There is no acs_sc_impl_alias package in oracle.

Right now, 4 packages use the Oracle version (forums, notifications,
payflowpro and sample-gateway). It's only a naming thing, but it's

Posted by Don Baccus on
It is ... if you or someone else wants to rationalize it I wouldn't object.  Would anyone else?  You'd need to write an upgrade script in standard APM upgrade form for 4.6 to create the new package of course.
OK, so, I'll
  • leave the PG version unchanged
  • create a new Oracle package acs_sc_impl_alias with functions 'new' and 'delete'
  • leave the old acs_sc_impl functions in place, but have them call the new functions (with a DEPRECATED notice)
  • write the upgrade scripts
Vinod, I really don't know what I'm talking about, but I believe
delete is a reserved keyword in Oracle 9. Perhaps we should
use something different?
Jade, that's true - but there are already multiple Oracle packages in acs-service-contract that use 'delete', so changing this one new package  still won't make it compatible with 9i. This is just a short-term fix to get the PG and Oracle versions consistent. The 9i 'delete' problem is going to take a tree-wide-sweep at some point.
Posted by Don Baccus on
Right ... 4.7 seems the time for that.  Unless someone wants to convince me by fixing it in the next few days :)