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9: Response to dotLRN on .NET (response to 1)
Posted by Alfred Essa on
From a Sloan perspective, I concur with Carl on *all* points regarding dotLRN and .NET. The reasons why we decided to go the opensource route was precisely the same as Heidelberg. We are not going to jeopardize our success and the momentum for the sake of $$ that violates our principles and goals. Let me re-iterate that the iCampus proposal and goals have not been finalized and we will not move forward without consultation without Carl, the Technical Board, and members of the OpenACS community.
Because some aspects of the proposal are confidential, I do not feel comfortable discussing everything in a public forum. I will establish a private forum in SloanSpace for continuing this discussion. I encourage anyone in the OpenACS community who is interested in participating to contact me. I will make sure that you obtain access to the private forum. I look forward to your feedback.