Forum OpenACS Development: 4.6 release - establishing tasks and package owners

(apologies if anyone has trouble reading this - the HTML was generated by Entourage and it's uuuugly. I've fixed it up as best I can without having to redo the entire thing)

Ok, let's get started.  The first thing to do is to establish who owns what package, and who has what work planned for 4.6.  Here's my first take on a list, compiled from the thread Neophytos started, the todo list Roberto and Neophytos have been building, and some input from Don.

First off, Neophytos had indicated that he was going to contributed tDOM support and an XML version of ACS Service Contract for 4.6.  He says he is still planning to do the work but no longer wants to coordinate with our release schedules, so we'll get it when it's ready.  In the meantime, both of these tasks plus the packages he maintains (ACS Service Contract, Search and OpenFTS driver) are up for grabs if anyone wants them (this was his idea, we're not taking anything away from him).

That said, here is the package maintainer list and 4.6 task list as I see it.  If a package is listed with no tasks then there is no work planned for it this time around.

Packages whose status is known:

  • acs-content-repository - Dan Wickstrom
    • remove RI workaround triggers (or make them conditional on pg version if we are still supporting pg 7.1)
    • add xml import/export support of content revisions
    • test rule dropping for custom content types
    • add drop column support for custom content types (pg 7.2 feature)
    • eliminate java code
  • acs-core-docs - Roberto Mello
    • finish converting "ACS permissions Tediously Explained" to Docbook XML
    • add/revamp documentation template and documentation requirements/guidelines
    • investigate why doc/acs-kernel was removed and fix links from ad_proc documentation
    • improve request processor documentation (especially ad-conn)
    • reorganize Developer's Guide; include links to appropriate data modeling information
  • acs-kernel - Dan Wickstrom
    • cleanup of sql code (naming conventions)
    • Get rid of data-change violation workaround code.
    • Eliminate java code dir
  • acs-mail-lite - OpenForce
  • acs-reference, et al - Jon Griffin
  • acs-templating - Dan Wickstrom
    • convert template db api to std api
  • attachments - OpenForce
  • authorize-gateway - Bart Teeuwisse
  • bookmarks - Cathy Sarisky, Peter Marklund
    • bugfixes, subsite awareness, Postgres only
  • bugtracker - Lars Pind
    • work independent of 4.6 release
  • bulk-mail - OpenForce
  • calendar - OpenForce
  • clickthrough - Dave Bauer
  • cms - Dan Wickstrom
    • convert template db api to std api
  • cronjob - Tom Jackson
  • ecommerce - Bart Teeuwisse
  • edit this page - Luke Pond
    • work independent of 4.6 release
  • forums - OpenForce
  • new-portal/portal - OpenForce
    • merge into core
  • notifications - OpenForce
  • openfts - Dan Wickstrom
    • finish release of 0.33 version for tcl module
  • payflowpro - Janine Sisk
  • payment-gateway - Janine Sisk
  • portlets - OpenForce
    • merge into packages as appropriate
  • profile-provider - OpenForce
  • sample gateway - Janine Sisk
  • shipping-gateway - Bart Teeuwisse
  • spam - Tilmann Singer
  • static pages - Dave Bauer
  • ticket-tracker-lite - Jun Yamog
  • user-preferences - OpenForce
  • user-profile - OpenForce
  • value-based-shipping- Bart Teeuwisse
  • workflow - Lars Pind
Note - the work to merge new-portal and portlets into OpenACS may be delayed because Ben is on vacation.  If it disappears from the list, that will be why - it will get done eventually, but may not make it into the 4.6 release.

Packages which need owners:
  • acs-service-contract
  • openfts-driver
  • photo-album
  • photo-album-lite
  • search
Any package not listed above is either idle and doesn't need an owner right now, or has been overlooked.  In the latter case please let me know!

4.6 work not easily classified by package, or being done by someone who is not the owner:
  • "20 things to remember" list - Jun Yamog
  • dueling PG ports for FAQ - Rob Locke and Samir Joshi
  • Wimpy Point and Glossary - Samir Joshi
    • bug fixes
    • printer-friendly view in Wimpy Point
  • Move comments from Tcl code to ad_proc - Jim Lynch, Roberto Mello
  • Testing coordination - Simon Millward
  • acs-admin - Andrew Spencer
    • add button to make user a site-wide adm in
  • acs-admin - Michael Cleverly
    • warn user if Tcl library files aren't being sourced because they're not named *-init.tcl or *-procs.tcl
  • acs-subsite - Andrew Spencer
    • make groups page usable
  • request processor - Don Baccus, Tillman Singer
    • include Tilmann's internal redirect routine
    • index.vuh files that call rp_serve_abstract _file need to use the new proc
  • implement permissions caching code from Greenpeace Planet - Don Baccus

Ok, so if anyone has anything to add, or any corrections to suggest to the above, please post them here!
Also, Jon Pike is currently taking responsibility for managing the two test servers that generously provided for this release.

He'll need to be the point of contact for any testers who require an on-line installtion to test packages (and to save them the hassle).

I don't beleive we have community Oracle test installations yet (unless someone wants to make one available to Jon).



I also have acs-person which I will have completed by the release.I am also going to do a little work on reference and also update some data in some of the packages (i.e. countries).

I am also cleaning up a lot of bad html in many packages as I run across it, and am doing some subsite/rp work to use templatized error pages and some other things.

For content-repository I want to finish up changes that only submit "live revisions" to the search package to be indexed.

As for the 20 things... it now changed to just "Things to remember". I have done what I can. I will need help on it to add and correct things on it. The latest copy is here Either it gets added to the docs or something its up to the Roberto or Vinod. Further help and dicussion about it please post at this thread

As for the ticket tracker lite I would like to ask for CVS access for it if there are any bugfixes while 4.6 is not being released yet. But other than that Vinod has committed the needed changes for 4.6

So I am in wait mode for the 2 tasks

A new survey package should make it into the 4.6 release. I am finishing it up this week hopefully.

This should replace simple-survey, but I haven't worked out upgrades yet from simple-survey to survey.

Luke Pond and I are the package maintainers for the new survey package.