Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Call for Volunteer for the translation server.

Posted by Victor Guerra on
I am currently maintaining the translation server,
actually Ill be upgrading packages and comiting catalogs
to that have been translated in the last months, this weekend.

I try to add a news item, whenever I upgrade, commit catalogs to or add new locales. If you think
there should be additional information, let me know :).

So let me know which users need to be approved
on the translation server.

Victor Guerra.

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
I think what is missing a very step by step set of instructions for the beginner.

1. Register HERE to become a translator.
2. Send email to XXX explaining who you are and what you want to translate.
3. (set expectations) You will recieve a response by email with in 1 to 3 business days.
4. Go Here for instructions on how to translate
5. If you have questions ask them Here

Does something like that make sense to you?


Posted by Jose Saiz on
Dear Victor,

I'm helping Dario Roig (UVEG) to translate this platform from English into Spanish (ES). Would it be possible you to add me as a new translator?

Thank you very much.
best regards

well, i didn't even know there was a translation server...
I can help translating from english to portuguese if there's one.
just let me know