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Posted by Ted Swoyer on
I have been exploring OpenACS4.5/PostgreSQL for awhile and have
installed all the packages and tried them out with dummy data and
such. I now have some idea what I want to use for a site of my own.

Now, I would like to reset and start again.

Is there some way of resetting OpenACS so that it is the condition of
just after a successful install (including setting up OpenFTS) (i.e.,
no packages installed, no data in the database, etc.)?

2: Response to Starting Over (response to 1)
Posted by Peter Alberer on

I think that there is no easy way to clean the whole system of your data at this stage.

Of course you could unmount the packages from the sitemap and deinstall the packages from the apm but in my experience that has never worked without errors. Maybe in some future version postgres will support a "restore-to-point-in-time". Something like that could help. But nothing like that is available now.

But after the next new install you can immediately create a dump of the db and save that. Then you will be able to step back to this "after-install-condition" any time.

3: Response to Starting Over (response to 1)
Posted by Samir Joshi on
With PostgreSQL, starting with a clean set is very easy, *provided* you do not want to retain your data or you have already backup.

In that case, I would just say:

dropdb <mydbname>

createdb <mydbname>
createlang      plpgsql <mydbname>

Restart aolserver, and we are greeted with installation page in browser.

Corresponding instructions on Oracle is there on installation instruction , on Oracle-OpenACS set up page.