Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to Deleting users and renaming items

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
When we delete or ban a user we are just chaning thier member state not removing them from the database. Thus all thier content will remain intact and it is a reversable action.

Totally deleting a user from the database we are calling "nuke".  Sloan has written nuke for a newly registered user that has never been approved as a dotlrn user. I dont' think this has been rolled back into the dotLRN yet but it will be eventaully.

Renaming: dotLNR allows instances of classes to have different names from the subject. So if you change the subject name previously created classes will not change names.

dotLRN also allows editing of the file storage folder names for a class so if you change the class name it will not automatically change the file storage folder names.

Hope that helps.