Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Where are promised 5.3 Packages?

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Renny,

If I go to in my browser it tells me that you're running Apache/1.3.37 Server. It should say AOLserver.

What do you get if you run this on the Linux command line?
netstat -natp | grep ':80.*LISTEN'


5: Mystery error .... (response to 4)
Posted by Ben Koot on
The problem still exist. Both Renny's and my site are a hub hosted Premium Plan. It is on a virtual machine using aolserver (with apache reverse proxy). It has always worked like a charm, but 5.3 doesn't seem to accept this. I really hope one your geniouses can help us out.

I have been googleing for this problem and strangely a lot of people seem to have this problem since 1998 on many different systems, but nobody ever seems to be able to come up with a solution.


6: Re: Mystery error .... (response to 5)
Posted by Matthew Dodwell on
Just checking the usual basics - have you got the aolserver script to pre-bind to port 80 (-b flag). I need to do this for's servers, else I get their default apache page.


8: Re: Mystery error .... (response to 5)
Posted by Marc Fournier on
Yes, we setup all our startup scripts to pre-bind ... I've even done it for ports about 1024, so that its 'habit' vs something to remember ...

'k, let's see if I can add some to this thread though ...

If I go to the web site, I get the 'Welcome' page, and a button for 'Next>' ... if you click on Next, it comes back with a 'Document contains no data' error with the URL for /package-install?

... looking in the OpenACS logs, there is:

[11/Feb/2007:20:02:46][99046.135123968][-conn:11-] Error: Unable to source /usr/local/www/ file does not exist.
[11/Feb/2007:20:04:47][99046.135123968][-conn:11-] Notice: exiting: timeout waiting for connection

checking the file system, there is no package-install.tcl file in that directory, only an 'install.tcl':

villagetalk# ls /usr/local/www/
index.tcl install.tcl

so, is it referencing the wrong file, or is the file mis-named? is it safe to rename install.tcl -> package-install.tcl?