Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Thoughts on CCM

Posted by Richard Li on
Our DBAs are hosed right now, so won't be up this week. In the interim, I've set up a mailing list for CCM discussion. You can subscribe by going to: or sending email to (with "help" in the subject or body). I'm disappointed by that we won't have up this week and we're not eating our own dogfood, but I'm optimistic that we can do this soon.

Re: Mike's comments, good points. As part of the revamping of dispatcher, we're looking at deploying each application as its own webapp, which would enable dynamic class reloading without rerunning all the initializers. We are working on a data model initializer that versions the data model and will generate the necessary upgrade scripts for your DBA to run. The enterprise.init as an XML file is a bit further out, just because changing the formats doesn't seem to be a huge win in terms of functionality (although it is the right thing to do). There's a lot of other stuff we want to clean up first.