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I'm running on OpenACS 3x on a box with ONE IP address
I want to add which goes to ALL the same places.
is the SAME as

The /{server}/nsa.tcl config file has the var
set hostname

The /{server}/parameters/nsa.tcl config file

# URL to tell users to go to
ns_param SystemURL

I am using Jerry Asher's Virtual Hosting.... and that is the reason for the port 3000 and the nsamain aolserver instance that does the redirection from port 80 to 3000.

What is the best way to do this?
What do I need to change?

How will this affect cookie logins?

I assume I will now have FOUR URLs to contend with that all do the same things:

We mostly use forwarding of domain email and my plan is just to double up the forwards

We are using postfix... Any Email suggestions? I plan to have aolserver only use one outgoing mail address

Thank You


Posted by Andrei Popov on
This has been mentioned before, far as I remember... Check this thread:
Posted by MaineBob OConnor on

Ok, this was easier than I thought... I just put into the Main instance of AOLserver and the redirect to the port 3000 aolserver WORKS... type in and end up at GREAT...
I imagine I can edit /parameters/nsa.tcl and change to so the NEW url will show in the browser.


IF I change this in the parameters file, will I RUIN 26,143 perfectly Delicious Cookies of my users and end up requiring EVERYONE to LogIN again.

Can someone confirm or deny this?

And is there a way to prevent a Recall of all of our fine cookies?


Posted by Andrei Popov on
yes, you will ruin 'em all
Posted by David Walker on
With plain OpenACS 3.2.x, ForceHostP on (or true or 1 or whatever), just add,,, to your DNS all pointing to the same address.

A request for will be redirected to This solves the cookie issue because your cookies will be used regardless of whether they type in or link to or

The drawback is that their address bar will always show For many sites this isn't a big deal.
Posted by MaineBob OConnor on

Ok Andrei, I may have to ruin 'em all. And David, I now have it working with both domains with as the primary.

We do want to make as the new primary name and depreciate the name over time. I was hoping to avoid it but you guys confirmed that my cookies must crumble!

My latest thinking is to do something like a blast email to everyone with username email and password so everyone will have it and can get the new *improved* cookie.


Posted by David Walker on
If you're serious about conserving their cookies you could write a
page on that redirects to something like${site1_cookie} and have that page
set the cookies from into