Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Globalization and package instances and communities

Tilmann, I am not sure that _force_ is the right word... but being able to set a
default language as the adminitrator is important (think of it as a linguistic
recomendation). Two examples: Professor teaches Spanish in France...
dotLRN defalt is French but he wants everything in his Spanish course
(group) to be in Spanish (even though some of his students might prefer parts
of his course in French); OpenACS web spinner (a.k.a. master) in Germany is
really bad at "Englisch", but because his employer insists he does his best to
translate a couple of pages into something that resembles English that he
would rather have disappear. To keep his embarrassment to a minimum he
would like the initial default set to German so that users that come to his
pages are confronted with the German version first (with a not so obvious link
to the English version that can change the default display).