Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to dotLRN 1.0 release planning

Posted by Alfred Essa on
Igor, the slide is incorrect and will be taken down today. Originally, we were seeking funding from iCampus to do a complete port of .LRN to .NET. Carl Blesius, Don Baccus, and others persuaded me that this was unwise. At the same time, while iCampus has given us funding (at least verbally), it's a relatively small amount and not nearly enough to undertake a port. So, the issue is moot.

Separate from dotLRN, we plan to undertake a research effort to understand better how we can modularize applications using web services. The key architecture here is web services (SOAP, XML), not .NET. This is in the context of other large projects at MIT such as DSpace, OpenCourseWare, and OpenKnowledgeInitiative (OKI). The iCampus project is actually closest to OKI, which consists mostly of Java bigots.

Whatever comes out of this effort will be fully opensource (GPL).