Forum OpenACS Q&A: Ask about the max size of form variable

Hi all,
  Due to business, I need to email/spam a huge article to others by
web. So, I build a form for input the article. But during running,
the error from AOLserver is
Warning: conn: post size 71152 exceeds maxpost limit of 65536
Is that there are limit size in form variable ? Can I enlarge the
size by varying the parameter of AOLserver/OpenACS ?
My setting is :
RH Linux 7.2
AOLserver 3.3 +ad13
OpenACS 3.5
Postgres 7.1.2 (UNICODE)
Hope have people can solve the problem, thx a lot.
Posted by Peter Alberer on
Hi Yeung, have a look at this
# Server parameters
ns_section "ns/server/${servername}"
ns_param   directoryfile   $directoryfile ;# List of files to use (index.html)
ns_param   pageroot        $pageroot ;# Directory under which all pages live

# Tuning options
ns_param   connsperthread  0         ;# Normally there's one conn per thread
ns_param   flushcontent    false     ;# Flush all data before returning
ns_param   maxconnections  100       ;# Max connections to put on queue
ns_param   maxdropped      0         ;# Shut down if dropping too many conns
ns_param   maxthreads      20        ;# Tune this to scale your server
ns_param   minthreads      0         ;# Tune this to scale your server
ns_param   threadtimeout   120       ;# Idle threads die at this rate

# Limits
ns_param   maxheaders      16384     ;# Max no. of headers from client
ns_param   maxline         8192      ;# Max line length from client
ns_param   maxpost         65536     ;# Max bytes on a POST
ns_param   sendfdthreshold 2048      ;# Min size of file descriptor to send