Forum OpenACS Development: xotcl-core required for oacs 5-9?

Posted by Benjamin Brink on

I'm upgrading a site from oacs-5-8 to oacs-5-9, and am running into an error:

Error: rp_report_error: Error rendering error page (!)
invalid command name "::xo::db::sql::site_node"
while executing
"::xo::db::sql::site_node node_id -url /"
invoked from within
"next "

The oacs-5-8 site didn't have xotcl-core installed.

It looks like some core code migrated to xotcl, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Is it time for xotcl-core to become a part acs-core, or for these dependent procs to be moved into an existing acs-core package?

For now, I'm going to assume the solution for this case is to install xotcl-core in the oacs-5-8 site *before* upgrading (since no page renders from a site using 5-9 code).


Posted by Benjamin Brink on

My eyes are playing tricks.. looks like xotcl-core was in 5-8.. time for a break and revisit upgrade plan.

Posted by Benjamin Brink on
For the record, the problem appears to have been the existence of one unmounted xowiki instance. Deleting the xowiki instance and uninstalling xowiki and xotcl-core cleared the orphan data that caused the error.
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
xotcl-core is not required for oacs-core.

Installed, but unmounted instances are sourced during startup into the blueprint, therefore you got the errors. I would not be surprised, when the package dependencies in the install/startup process do not handle unmounted instances sufficiently.