Forum OpenACS Development: ANNOUNCE: openacs-bootstrap3-theme is available

Dear all,

we are pleased to announce the availability of the openacs-bootstrap3-theme, which is essentially the theme used currently on (some legacy stuff with edit-this-page is removed). The theme is based on Bootstrap 3 [1] and is mobile-friendly and responsive. The theme can be used as a boilerplate for custom themes as well. A description on customizing the theme is available in a first version in [2]. The theme can be installed via /acs-admin/install/ ("install from repository"), or from CVS in the oacs-5-9 branch.

The release was already promised already some time ago [3,4] but was delayed due to other imported deadlines. We are planning to release as well a matching theme for DotLRN soon.

best regards
-gustaf neumann
-monika andergassen


Posted by Paul Babin on
Thank you for this functionality! We are already finding great use for it here at UCLA.
Posted by Monika Andergassen on
That's great! Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement 😉

Best regards