Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Getting dotlrn installed and configured on a working 5.912 OACS


i'm in the initial stages of mapping a supplemental education system with 100 tutors and 800 students to the dotlrn. i've installed both the assessment and evaluation portlets which were the two main ones i needed to do the initial assessment and hopefully the evaluation portlet will accommodate the California Common Core Standards.

i will install the xowiki and chat as well, at some point.

where would i go to browse the dotlrn packages? i've been clicking on combinations of install and upgrade with new to mature but i do not see any ims, scorm or photo-album and i really could use dotfolio which i know is a whole other root based system that did not get much action but it did work very well along side dotlrn for me and what about /intranet?

do you think /intranet packages could be loaded on top of dotlrn and i'm not quite sure how to import a db dump as per Frank and do they live and play well together?