Forum .LRN Q&A: Getting dotlrn installed and configured on a working 5.912 OACS

Trying to understand what I need to do to get a working install of dotlrn through the package manager, after using the and w/ dotlrn=1 edit on the script. I'm using ubuntu 16.04.1 server.

I initially started this post at: and I did mostly what Gustaf suggested but I installed a few more packages from the current channel than he suggested at: .

note: I also forgot to do the update before installing the dotlrn and applets. I updated the packages after installing dotlrn. So now i see the so familiar dotlrn logo and blue navigation in the /admin but get File not found. at the /dotlrn/index plus none of the links from /admin Home | Terms | Departments | Subjects | Classes | Communities | Users | Admin | Hide Xtra Info (the LRN navigation) resolve to a page. The LRN does link to

Do you think installing the /dotlrn before doing the update would have caused this? It seems like there is something else that needs to be done either in dotlrn change options to be made in the or maybe create an like we had before.

I'm wondering what I can do to configure the current instance where the /dotlrn has File not found. I'm open to other options during the install process since I expect to install dotlrn over and over again on different platforms.

Hello Kenneth,

just to clear the room from -not always obvious- problems: you installed dotlrn, but have you mounted the application somewhere? Seems like /dotlrn path in your server doesn't point anywhere.

Another thing that could have gone overlooked is some error appearing during package installation. Did all go smooth?

If these were not problems, I'd suggest you to try re-installing following previous indications: sometimes new changes can be interdependent with other packages and you really need to have an updated instance for things to work out.

All the best


ok doing a new install

I did everything at:
the result of above is below
Completing Install sequence by mounting the main site and other core packages.
(1 row)
All Packages Installed.
Loading message catalogs...


Generating secret tokens...


Installation finished

The server has been shut down. Normally, it should come back up by itself after a minute or so.

If not, please check your server error log, or contact your system administrator.

When the server is back up you can visit the site-wide administration pages

next I'm doing
Package Version
ACS API Browser 5.9.1d3
ACS Authentication 5.9.1d1
ACS Bootstrap Installer 5.9.1d2
ACS Content Repository 5.9.1d21
ACS Kernel 5.9.1d17
ACS Localization 5.9.1d1
ACS Mail Services Lite 5.9.1d1
ACS Messaging 5.9.1d1
ACS Service Contracts 5.9.1d1
ACS Site-Wide Administration 5.9.1d3
ACS Subsite 5.9.1d7
ACS Tcl Library 5.9.1d10
ACS Templating 5.9.1d5
OpenACS Default Theme 5.9.1d1
Search 5.9.1d1
» Install above packages

Package Version Added
dotLRN 2.9.1d4
dotLRN Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Bulk Mail Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Calendar Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN FAQ Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN File Storage Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Forums Applet 2.9.1d1
dotLRN News Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Static Applet 2.9.0
Zen Theme 2.9.0
New Portal 2.9.1d3 *
Notifications 5.9.1d1 *
RSS Support 0.4d3 *
webDAV Support 1.2.0d3 *
ACS Events 0.6d8 *
Categories 1.1.3d5 *
FAQ 5.9.1d1 *
File Storage 5.9.1d1 *
Attachments 0.11d3 *
FAQ Portlet 2.9.0 *
Forums 1.3d14 *
Forums Portlet 2.9.0 *
General Comments 5.9.1d1 *
File Storage Portlet 2.9.0 *
ACS Date and Time Utilities 5.9.0 *
Calendar 2.6.1d3 *
News 5.9.1d1 *
Calendar Portlet 2.9.0 *
News Portlet 2.9.1d1 *
Profile Provider 2.9.0 *
User Profile 2.9.0 *
Static Portlet 2.9.1d1 *
dotLRN Portlet 2.9.0 *
Bulk Mail 2.9.0 *
Bulk Mail Portlet 2.9.0 *
» Install above packages

Done installing packages.

» Click here to restart your server now

it added a professor and it worked. thank you.

Glad you made it!

All the best


Will the the installation of any of the following packages break the dotlrn system?

Ajax Helper 0.87d
dotLRN Assessment Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Chat Applet 2.6.0
dotLRN Evaluation Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN XoWiki Applet 2.1
Richtext CKeditor4 0.5
Richtext TinyMCE 0.4
Chat 5.0d10 *
Assessment Portlet 2.9.0 *
Evaluation 2.9.1d2 *
Evaluation Portlet 2.9.0 *
Xowiki Portlet 2.2d1 *
Chat Portlet 2.6.0 *

You should be able to install these packages.

i'm in the initial stages of mapping a supplemental education system with 100 tutors and 800 students to the dotlrn. i've installed both the assessment and evaluation portlets which were the two main ones i needed to do the initial assessment and hopefully the evaluation portlet will accommodate the California Common Core Standards.

i will install the xowiki and chat as well, at some point.

where would i go to browse the dotlrn packages? i've been clicking on combinations of install and upgrade with new to mature but i do not see any ims, scorm or photo-album and i really could use dotfolio which i know is a whole other root based system that did not get much action but it did work very well along side dotlrn for me and what about /intranet?

do you think /intranet packages could be loaded on top of dotlrn and i'm not quite sure how to import a db dump as per Frank and do they live and play well together?

Dear Kenneth,

At the time we release OpenACS 5.9.1, the installation should be more smooth as it is currently. Our plan is as well to provide a bootstrap theme for DotLRN, which is mostly finished now, to improve the mobile experience via an responsive interface for DotLRN.

In general, all OpenACS packages should be usable in an DotLRN installation, some of these have applets+portlets, some of these do not have it. In general, the (about 90) packages in the oacs-5-9 channel are recommended, since these are maintained. Other packages might work as well, some of these can be used as starting points for new projects.

I would love to see the packages of ]ProjectOpen[ working with OpenACS installations, since the communities can benefit from each other. I've sent a few years ago some patches for the core packages of po to frank, to make po installable from scratch (i.e. without db-dump). This would be a first step to ease the integration. There is willingness for this in the po world, but i guess, often there are not enough resources.

We have as well plans to release our own e-learning components, but this will as well take some more time. We have now upgraded most code to oacs-5-9 level, there is some hope that we can publish some components next year.

9: dotlrn packages (response to 1)
Posted by Kenneth Wyrick on
Dear Gustaf,

It's been an empowering 2months getting back into using dotlrn. I was pleasantly relegated to using ]po[ during the period of several years where I was not able to install dotlrn.

So, It would be good for me if I could reference the status of specific packages and also learn the steps to the migration and development processes.

I'm a good tester, integrator and I'm working on learning responsive website with html/css/javascript.

I am particularly interested in the package status and migration planning of:
1. photo-album,
2. ims or scorm packages,
3. wimpy-point and
4. dotfolio suite of packages

Posted by Kenneth Wyrick on
Packages Listed on:
LORS Central
LORS Management
Slide presentations

It would also be nice if someone would fix those links that do not resolve.

Hi Kenneth,

You might want to test the packages yourself on a local site, and see if they work as expected, or if you find bugs, report (or fix).

Since dotLrn is partially integrated to OpenACS, one would expect (as Gustaf suggested above) that wimpy-point and photo-album will work if they work on OpenACS.

For the dotLrn packages, you might want to start a new thread and ask the community what they are using..

If you use the package manager to install packages, the OpenACS repository specifies Maturity level, which may be useful in helping determine which packages are currently supported ie used by others.

You can check code maintenance history via the CVS Browser link on the lower left of the front page of this site to get another sense of support and who is making changes..

However, I can atest from experience that one should never rely on others when using open source software for a particular purpose. Test for yourself to determine applicability, or you may get surprised at a most inconvenient time about a missing/incomplete feature or a new bug etc..