Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Getting dotlrn installed and configured on a working 5.9 OACS

ok doing a new install

I did everything at:
the result of above is below
Completing Install sequence by mounting the main site and other core packages.
(1 row)
All Packages Installed.
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Generating secret tokens...


Installation finished

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next I'm doing
Package Version
ACS API Browser 5.9.1d3
ACS Authentication 5.9.1d1
ACS Bootstrap Installer 5.9.1d2
ACS Content Repository 5.9.1d21
ACS Kernel 5.9.1d17
ACS Localization 5.9.1d1
ACS Mail Services Lite 5.9.1d1
ACS Messaging 5.9.1d1
ACS Service Contracts 5.9.1d1
ACS Site-Wide Administration 5.9.1d3
ACS Subsite 5.9.1d7
ACS Tcl Library 5.9.1d10
ACS Templating 5.9.1d5
OpenACS Default Theme 5.9.1d1
Search 5.9.1d1
» Install above packages

Package Version Added
dotLRN 2.9.1d4
dotLRN Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Bulk Mail Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Calendar Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN FAQ Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN File Storage Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Forums Applet 2.9.1d1
dotLRN News Applet 2.9.0
dotLRN Static Applet 2.9.0
Zen Theme 2.9.0
New Portal 2.9.1d3 *
Notifications 5.9.1d1 *
RSS Support 0.4d3 *
webDAV Support 1.2.0d3 *
ACS Events 0.6d8 *
Categories 1.1.3d5 *
FAQ 5.9.1d1 *
File Storage 5.9.1d1 *
Attachments 0.11d3 *
FAQ Portlet 2.9.0 *
Forums 1.3d14 *
Forums Portlet 2.9.0 *
General Comments 5.9.1d1 *
File Storage Portlet 2.9.0 *
ACS Date and Time Utilities 5.9.0 *
Calendar 2.6.1d3 *
News 5.9.1d1 *
Calendar Portlet 2.9.0 *
News Portlet 2.9.1d1 *
Profile Provider 2.9.0 *
User Profile 2.9.0 *
Static Portlet 2.9.1d1 *
dotLRN Portlet 2.9.0 *
Bulk Mail 2.9.0 *
Bulk Mail Portlet 2.9.0 *
» Install above packages

Done installing packages.

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it added a professor and it worked. thank you.