Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Getting dotlrn installed and configured on a working 5.912 OACS

Hi Kenneth,

You might want to test the packages yourself on a local site, and see if they work as expected, or if you find bugs, report (or fix).

Since dotLrn is partially integrated to OpenACS, one would expect (as Gustaf suggested above) that wimpy-point and photo-album will work if they work on OpenACS.

For the dotLrn packages, you might want to start a new thread and ask the community what they are using..

If you use the package manager to install packages, the OpenACS repository specifies Maturity level, which may be useful in helping determine which packages are currently supported ie used by others.

You can check code maintenance history via the CVS Browser link on the lower left of the front page of this site to get another sense of support and who is making changes..

However, I can atest from experience that one should never rely on others when using open source software for a particular purpose. Test for yourself to determine applicability, or you may get surprised at a most inconvenient time about a missing/incomplete feature or a new bug etc..