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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi there,

So far, the ns_xml error remains. There was another issue in the ad_proc call, within The name and arguments were wrong.

The new call is below.

catch {xmlrpc::remote_call ix_ndc.get_result -string $appkey -int $package_id -string $username -string $password -int 4 -int 44} result

error.log is slightly different. Now, it shows the connection attempts. but in the end ns_xml breaks
[18/Sep/2016:21:57:43][29294.b51e2b70][-conn:iurix:1-] Error: POST /RPC2/, PeerAddress:
invalid command name "ns_xml"
while executing
"ns_xml doc create "1.0""
(procedure "xmlrpc_fault" line 3)
invoked from within
"xmlrpc_fault 1 "error parsing request: $doc_id""
(procedure "xmlrpc_invoke" line 4)
invoked from within
"xmlrpc_invoke $content"
(procedure "xml_rpcdispatcher" line 12)
invoked from within
while executing callback
ns:tclrequest xml_rpcdispatcher
(context: request proc)
[18/Sep/2016:21:57:43][29294.b51e2b70][-conn:iurix:1-] Notice: 'ns_tmpnam ' is deprecated. Use 'ns_mktemp ?template?' instead.
[18/Sep/2016:21:57:43][29294.b51e2b70][-conn:iurix:1-] Warning: ns_unlink /tmp/fileWPRcPH1474235863813.xmlrpc2 is deprecated. Use 'file delete' instead!
[18/Sep/2016:21:57:43][29294.b51e2b70][-conn:iurix:1-] Error: xmlrpc::invoke: error parsing request: error "Unexpected end" at position 0
[18/Sep/2016:21:57:44][29294.b47e2b70][-conn:iurix:0-] Notice: error "Unterminated element" at position 1101