Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Group based mailing list

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Thanks Malte,

If the incoming email has an attachment will it be sent out to all the group members?

What about making the emails searchable. If you can see the emails in mail tracking then I assume its pretty easy to make them searchable. What about attachements to the emails?


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Yikes. Got me :).

All these new and cool e-mail features do not support attachements as of now, or, more precise, I did not test it yet, but i would be surprised if it worked with attachements. If someone can take a look at the incoming e-mails and run them through mime::whatever to get the attachments, that would be awesome, as you could then add the file to the CR as well (parent_id = sender_id or group_id, depending on what you are doing) and have this file linked from teh mail tracking as well.

Searching those e-mails is a piece of cake with mail-tracking. I am sure some search wizards can quickly write an indexer for the acs_mail_log table and store this in mail-tracking (please!).