Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Curious what reporting / BI / Dashboard solutions people here use?


Please have a look at these slides:

They are basically still valid, even though we have re-implemented most of the graphical stuff using Sencha ExtJS.

The highlights:

- Data-Warehouse using ROLAP technology: That's not the fastest way to do OLAP, but it's OK for < 10M rows in the DB...
- Reporting-Engine: This is a bit like "Crystal Reports" with counters, subtotals, drill-down etc. Unfortunately, there is no graphical designer, so you need to know your way around.
- 2x2 diagrams with drag-and-drop: This is not only a two dimensional bubble-chart. You can also just drag-and-drop the bubbles around to update the underlying values in the database.

Just grab the latest ]po[ V5.0.beta2 from and check it out. This "community" edition doesn't include the data-warehouse, though.