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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear all,

some of you might interest some of the statistics of, which is running the newest version of OpenACS 5.9 with Tcl 8.6.6 and NaviServer 4.99.14.

The average response time is below 60ms.

The server is restarted sometimes for upgrades, but is typically running for several weeks without a reboot. Below is a graphic showing constant memory size over the last week.

The number of errors in the error.log has become very little. while we had about one error entry per minute one year ago, we have now less than 5 "errors" per week (with rather growing traffic). Although there are about 0.75 "notices" per second, and 0.03 warnings (about 1.8 warnings per minute (most of these from non-trusted host header fields values ( is searched from some webspiders under multiple names, not all are registered ... which should be improved).

all the best

Posted by Cesareo Garci­a Rodicio on
Amazing Work ! !
Many Thanks .. and a Happy New Year ;-)