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Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Hi Ben,

The UBL package is licensed with a closed-source license, because it would be interesting for customers as part of our "enterprise open-source" strategy.

However, there was really nobody interested, apart from one customer...

> incompatibility

The package is distributed and installed separately, so it doesn't need to be GPL V2. That's how for example the Oracle DB can work on top of Linux.

However, as I said, there wasn't much interest in the package. Just drop us a note at and I can provide you with the source code. There may be dependencies on the rest of ]project-open[, but I believe the structure is quite straight-forward, so that you could adapt it easily. Also, it's only a limited number of UBL messages and only one direction.


5: Re: a UBL package? (response to 4)
Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Thank you for the offer, Frank.

By incompatibility, I mean that the code cannot be included in an OpenACS repository. Even GNU GPL v3 licensed packages are questionable for inclusion in a GPL v2 OpenACS repository. It depends on how the definition of a software program is interpreted.

I had planned to release packages under GPL license version 3, which I thought was compatible with version 2; However, it is not, so have licensed some packages under less restrictive version 2. There may be value in having a separate GNU GPL v3 repository at some point.

I'll send email shortly.