Forum OpenACS Development: ]project-open[ V5.0 "Installer" Packages for OpenACS 5.9


The ]po[ team proudly announces that it's now possible (again) to install (atleast part of) ]project-open[ on top of an existing OpenACS 5.9 installation. Please see the installation instructions here:


The "minimal" installation should work pretty well (except for two menu tabs or so that are going nowhere for CSV exports...). It corresponds roughly to the functionality of the ACS 3.2 "intranet" package.

However, we haven't yet started work on installing additional packages.

Please post any bugs or feedback right here in this thread.


Dear Frank,

this is really great news for the OpenACS community! Thank you for this contribution to the project. I hope other companies using OpenACS will follow!

Of course, I would love to see more Project Open packages beyond the "minimal installation" being available, but this is definitely a first step into the right direction. Installing OpenACS has become a matter of minutes nowadays. I can very well imagine that being able to install Project Open on top of it with only a few commands or clicks (e.g. via APM's comfortable "install from repository" mechanism) has the potential attract new users / prospective customers.

Keep it up!
All the best,

I completely agree with Michael. Great job, this is motivating all of us!
We are looking forward to see more installable ]po[ packages ;-)
Keep going!