Forum OpenACS Development: Re: NaviServer on Windows: [ns_info threads] returning unbalanced braces


Here are some additional details from debugging:

When pointing a browser to http://localhost:8000, Crome loads the first files without any issues. Here is part of the "Network" debugging output:

jquery.min.js	200
mktree.js	200
diagram.js	200
showhide.js	200
mktree.css	200
sm-simple.css	200
jquery.smartmenus.min.js	200
style.saltnpepper.css?v=0	(never returns)
style.saltnpepper.js	200	(never returns)
logo.gif	(never returns)
core.js	(never returns)

After that, NSD is blocked and consumes 99% CPU.

So I tried to load files individually via WGET in order to check if there is something special. As a result, I can load each of the files above, but with style.saltnpepper.css the download stops after 37% or 16kB of data.
- wget

I tried multiple times, and also stops after 16kB data. After that, NSD CPU usage increases 25% each (1 thread, my Laptop has 4 cores...). The same happens with any other slightly longer file (>16kB).

In contrast, I've downloaded hundred times the mktree.js file (9kB) without any issue.

It looks to me like NaviServer stops/breaks during delivery of slightly larger files. As Maurizio said, the unbalanced braces error doesn't seem to affect the behavior of the server.