Forum OpenACS Q&A: How can I start OpenACS and access OpenACS page on my browser?

I have installed OpenACS under guide of install page( ), by the following steps:
1. apt-get update
2. apt-get install postgresql
3. apt-get install openacs
4. apt-get install dotlrn

then , I cannot get any guides about how to start my OpenACS server, and login by my brower.

Please help!
Thank you very much!


service dotlrn start

Apparently[1], aolserver4 config.tcl file is at:



For dotlrn, consider requesting support at:


Posted by h p on
I tried:
service dotlrn start
service openacs start

But it shows fails:
Failed to start dotlrn.service: Unit dotlrn.service not found.
Failed to start openacs.service: Unit openacs.service not found.

And I search /etc/init.d, but cannot found executable files of dotlrn or openacs.

My question is that cannot find any tips about start openacs and have no idea about how to visit the openace page on brower.


Ubuntu's dotlrn package is a very old version (2.5.0), and it is probably uncompatible with "recent" versions of postgres (>= 9).

There is work ongoing to fix this situation and update all the openacs/dotlrn stack in Debian/Ubuntu, including a naviserver package, openacs 5.9.1 and probably a new dotlrn package dependent on the latter, but, until this is done, the best way to install an up-to-date dotlrn in Ubuntu is using the installer:

After installing OpenACS, it is possible to install the dotlrn packages directly from the "Install from Repository" page, pointing a browser to "/acs-admin/install/" in your instance.

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