Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How can I start OpenACS and access OpenACS page on my brower?


Ubuntu's dotlrn package is a very old version (2.5.0), and it is probably uncompatible with "recent" versions of postgres (>= 9).

There is work ongoing to fix this situation and update all the openacs/dotlrn stack in Debian/Ubuntu, including a naviserver package, openacs 5.9.1 and probably a new dotlrn package dependant on the latter, but, until this is done, the best way to install an up-to-date dotlrn in Ubuntu is using the installer:

After installing openacs, it is possible to install the dotlrn packages directly from the "Install from Repository" page, pointing a browser to "/acs-admin/install/" in your instance.

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