Forum OpenACS Development: Re: NaviServer on Windows: [ns_info threads] returning unbalanced braces

The silence here lets me assume that the most urgent issues of running NaviServer under windows issues are gone by these changes.

My summary is
- Most problems were introduced by compiling NaviServer with Visual Studio 2015 or newer. Reading the release notes of this version would have reduced the guesswork substantially.
- One error was a 64bit issue, which was in the code for several years (not clear, why it was not reported earlier).
- All errors reported here were in the windows specific code, which is not sufficiently tested. In contrary to the setup for Linux/Solaris/BSD/Mac OS the NaviServer test suite is not used so far under windows. It would be a useful contribution, if one of the knowledgeable windows users, who has interest in the windows port, could port the "test" target of the default makefile to the nmake file for windows to be able the run the regression test there as well.


Dear Gustaf,

I absolutely agree with your analysis.

I believe I was probably the only one actually using Naviserver on Windows(64?), and this probably why the errors we have seen in these days were never noticed before.

I'll have a look into integrating the "test" target into my distribution.


Hi Gustaf,

Well spoken! In addition, I was out-of-office for some time, so that I couldn't attend the Windows installer. So that explains part of the silence :-)

Thanks a lot for your efforts. I can confirm that the NaviServer 4.99.Windows.16d4 (that's what it says) seems to behave equivalent to the Linux version.

So the ]po[ installer will now switch back to using NaviServer.

I'll announce it here on the OpenACS forum as soon as there is the next iteration of the installer.