Forum OpenACS Development: Re: NaviServer on Windows: [ns_info address] returns IP v6 address


Nice argument, but sorry, the behavior of ns_info address is
a) incorrect according to the man page,
b) incorrect according to the last AOLserver and
c) incorrect for our use-case.

We can't get much closer to the definition of a bug. And we don't have a single customer who'd enter a IPv6 IP-Address manually in a browser.

I've had to invest another 3 hours to create a robust and multi-platform parser for ifconfig and ipconfig, because I can't wait for you to finish this stuff.

About fixing this command: Let the man page guide you: "Primary IP address of this machine" is a pretty intuitive concept that works in 95% or all cases. Otherwise you've got a pretty useless command in your API...


Compile the server without IPv6 support and the "bug" is corrected.
This would still not fix the issue on Linux, where [ns_info address] returns
Why don't you revert to the code in AOLserver?


please explain, why you believe the result is incorrect for your Linux box. You mentioned that the hostname of your Linux box is "project-open-v50-dev" and ping project-open-v50-dev pings to So, the result is perfectly correct.

I got the "bug" - my bug. I assumed that ns_info address on AOLserver 4.5.1 Linux as intuitively required. But it doesn't. I've just installed AOLserver 4.5.1 and checked.

So both system implement ns_info address in the same way, and reverting wouldn't fix my issue.

Conclusion: You could change the implementation in NaviServer in order to prefer the IPv4 address over the IPv6 address. But otherwise everything is like it was.

=> We'll work with our own implementation of extracting the IP from ifconfig/ipconfig tool output.


The easiest way to find all IP-addresses of the the actual hostname is probably:
ns_addrbyhost -all [ns_info hostname]